World of Equal Districts

A geography thought experiment


This speculative map imagines a world divided into 665 territories of approximately equal population (10-11 million people each). The logic of the map does not entirely discount existing ethnic or national boundaries, but neither is it beholden to them. The particular political rationale behind these divisions is not addressed - whether these are independent nation-states or provinces of a world government is left to the imagination of the viewer. The map is rather meant to provide a visual representative of the radically unequal distribution of the world’s population. For example, one New York City and Long Island = half of Karachi = one Russian Far East = one of every Pacific Island. What does this make you think about the current distribution of the world’s resources, the movement of populations and the arbitrariness of territorial divisions?

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East Asia. The density here is just staggering, particularly along the coast. Check of these close ups of the Pearl River and Beijing area

Southeast Asia. I think Java may be the densest place on earth…

Sub-Saharan Africa. The Great Lakes region was particularly interesting. 

Middle East and North Africa. I think the vastness of the Sahara really comes through here.